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Pádraig Rynne is a name that's been at the forefront of ground breaking projects in Irish and World music over the past decade.

Pádraig's musical vision has lead him to be involved in creating ground breaking projects such as Guidewires, Dán, Triad – a trio with Breton flautists Sylvain Barou and world renowned musician and producer Dónal Lunny and Atalntic I/O - a collaboration between pop music and world music.

Pádraig's band "NOTIFY" are signed to Ropeadope Records and have had chart success with both their debut 2014 release and their 2016 release "InConcept".

Their debut album was nominated by The Irish Times newspaper as one of the top 5 releases in 2014.


In his early years Pádraig won five all Ireland titles as well as three Oireachtas titles.
By the age of seventeen Pádraig had all ready toured the U.S.A, Canada, Ireland and Australia as well as having recorded an album with the young band "Turas".
In 1998 Pádraig joined the well known band "Cían". That year saw the release of their debut album "Three Shouts From A hill". The following three years saw Padraig record on their second album "The Rolling Wave" as well as releasing a single entitled "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore".
Following his departure from Cian in 2001, Pádraig has worked and recorded with artists of the caliber of Arty McGlynn, Liz Carrol,Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Liam O Maonlai, Flook and Dónal Lunny just to name a few, as well as recording an album entitled "Live in Belfast" with Paul Meehan and Paul Bradley in 2003.

"Bye A While" - Pádraig's first solo album was released in 2004. This long awaited album has some of the finest Irish traditional musicians you can find guesting on it. It was one of the fastest selling traditional albums in Ireland that year.
In 2007 Pádraig was the founder member of "Guidewires" with Paul Mcsherry - Guitar, Sylvain Barou - Flute, Tóla Custy - Fiddle and Karol Lynch - Bouzouki. A live album was recorded in early 2009 and released that September. "Live" received rave reviews while the band quickly grew into one of Irish music's most popular bands of that time.
In 2011 Guidewires released their second album entitled "ll" (2) which further developed the sound of the band and created a new musical angle for them to persue.
2011 saw Pádraig begin working on a project as a trio with Dónal Lunny and fellow Guidewires founder Sylvain Barou. They have been doing a number of concerts together since. 2013 saw the release of their new album "TRIAD".


In April 2013 Pádraig began recording a new solo album with guest musicians Tyler Duncan, Mike Shimmin, Jeremy Kittel and Joe Dart. It was released in January 2014 under the title "Pádraig Rynne's NOTIFY". The album was nominated as one of best 5 albums of 2014 by The Irish Times newspaper in Dec '14.

2014 saw another vision of Padraig's take to the stage. A once off collaboration between Padraig, the olllam, Jeremy Kittel and Michelle Chamuel. This arts council funded saw the ensemble do four succesful shows in Ireland

2015 kicked off with a bang. NOTIFY released a new 4 track EP in collaboration with well known Irish singer Pauline Scanlon. The band lineup changed and the collaboration toured throughout 2015.

NOTIFY signed with well known American record label Ropeadope in late 2015. April 8th 2016 saw the release of their new album. The album title is InConcept. For more info check out

Bands & Projects


Pádraig Rynne - Concertinas
Sylvain Barou - Pipes and flute
Dónal Lunny - Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals


Pádraig Rynne - Concertinas
Cillian King - Guitars & Vocals
Eoin Wlash - Bass
Davie Ryan - Drums
Cormac McCarthy - Keys & Piano

Rynne and McGiver

Pádraig Rynne - Concertinas
Ryan McGiver - Guitar and Vocals

Duke & Rynne

Pádraig Rynne - Concertinas
Brian Duke - Flute
Guest - Guitar

Trad on the prom

Pádraig reularly guest with this dance show wich boasts a linup of some of the best known dancers and musicians from Ireland.